Software testing is a notoriously challenging activity. Running large collections of test cases as part of a regression test suite can consume considerable time and resources, often precluding their use in an interactive setting. Traditional approaches to this problem focus on reducing the number of regression tests that need to be run after a change is made to the system.

The Software Testing in the Cloud (STITC) 2009 workshop explores another approach to solving the problem: leveraging the resources provided by a cloud computing infrastructure to facilitate the concurrent execution of test cases. Software testing in the cloud relies on underlying technology such as distributed execution environments and grid technology, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and hardware virtualization. A secondary focus of STITC is examining methods for migrating legacy testing assets to the cloud.

The STITC 2009 workshop had a mix of invited presentations and interactive discussion. Invited speakers presented an overview of cloud computing, software testing, challenges in both areas, and how to bring them together. Following the presentations, all workshop participants discussed lessons learned from the presentations and shared their experiences or case studies in this area. At the conclusion of the workshop the organizers summarized key themes resulting from the discussions.